Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things Can Change - Table & Vine Improved Service

Improvement at Table & Vine in West Springfield, MA.

I recently filed the following complaint to Big Y Management (They Own Table & Vine)
During a recent visit to Table & Vine I noticed a sign above a row of wine stating it was rated 91 points by Robert Parker, upon further examination the sign was for a different vintage year than what was being sold. I figured this was a mistake, and continued shopping. Just a few rows down I again noticed a high graded wine sign, but a different vintage being offered. Now I started looking closely and found this five times in one row! In fact I found some hand written signs stating high ratings with no vintage year stated at all! It became evident that this was not an error, but a direct attempt to push wine through false and misleading advertising.

There is no reason for this kind of misleading tactics (especially from a company you feel you can trust like the Big Y). This is like a car dealership advertising a 2010 car, but substituting a 2006. Wine is very specific to its year. Just because a 2007 vintage rated well, has nothing to do with how well a 2009 vintage of the same label would rate. Any sign that states a rating should always clearly show the vintage year rated, and that must always be in line with what is being offered.
I purchase $250 - $300 worth of wine a month, and will no longer shop Table and Vine until this is corrected. I appreciate anything Big Y leadership can do to restore my faith in Big Y’s ethical principles and conduct in running its business. I would also suggest an audit be taken of the Table & Vine operation to assure it is following corporate guidance going forward. I hope what I have noticed is not just the tip of the iceberg.

On a side note; two times in the last month I went to purchase my favorite varietal and it was out of stock. When I requested to order a case, it was as if I was asking the salesman to go out of his way; instead he told me it was a warehouse stock item and should be in next week and I could just pick it up from the floor. Only after I insisted, did he agree to place the order. We went to a order station, and he could not find a blank form, or even a pen that writes! He asked me to put my name on a paper with a Magic-Marker! Very Un-Professional. In the month prior to that, I attempted to order a case of wine from an Email to the store. After not receiving a response I went to the store and the salesman went to a computer and found my email, we placed the order; but again a failed very poor process.

November 12, 2011
I would like to report a major improvement - I took a chance last week and went in to pick up some wine. I found all signs now accurately lining up with the actual wine on sale. I asked for a case of my favorite wine (7 Deadly Zins) and the clerk promptly responded yes sir and brought me out a case in less than two minutes. Two times while shopping I was approached and asked if I needed any assistance. Good Job Table & Vine, keep up the good job........


April 28, 2020 

Well they are back to their old tricks. On a recent visit to Town & Country Liquors I noticed once again they are mislabeling wine as high rated but not the vintage they are selling. I found this over 8 times in one isle!! You know this is intentional. I will not be going back anytime soon.